About Us

Two people who live quite far away met online in November 2007 and started their friendship ever since. Years went by; interestingly they both got pregnant & gave birth to two children almost at the same time. They both like handmade and enjoy making stuffs related to mummy & kids. They often share their dreams to become "a work at home mom", include sharing ideas what kind of business that will be nice to run.

Their friendship grew stronger and finally they visited each other homes. On the beginning of 2010, their passion to start a business together is growing (again), so they decided to start the business. 
Both mothers live in quite far away distance and rarely meet in person. They manage to do the business by mostly communicate via online.

Why Batik? Because they are proud with the richness varieties of traditional fabrics in Indonesia& they also wanted to spread Indonesian traditional fabrics worldwide, especially Batik. Beside that, Batik is very beautiful & even look "sweet" when they combine with other fabrics. That's way they decided to call their new business with "Sweet Batik."

The Batik fabrics that they use are 100% cotton, which hand-dyed and hand-stamped by local artisans in villages. This means that in the process of creating the Batik, more jobs are created for people from the Batik making industry itself, not machines. The handmade process also ensures that every piece is unique.

They work together with non-profit organizations such as ANZA (Australia and New Zealand Association) of Indonesia to help people in need. They also pay fair wages to their employees.

If you would like to know more about them, follow them at: 

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sweetbatik

Thank you so much for supporting handmade & mothers-owned business.

Peace & Love,
Sweet Batik